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The DOSE Magazine
THE DOSE is a pop- and subcultural PDF magazine, its every issue centered around one specific city. Between 2006 and 2007, three issues were released: Tokyo, London and a pilot issue of Budapest. After a longer hiatus, the magazine has been purchased by Wide View Ltd. and is back with a plan.

THE DOSE is here. Here with continents of wisdom to share with you. Here to tell you how life is lived in and outside boundaries. Because we believe you're not always aware. Here to tell you about people who stomp, dance, yell, jury-rig, modify, construct, unplug, reform, question and create, in general: raise hell. Because we believe every person you meet is there to teach you something. Here to give you diamond drills that cut real deep. Because you might just miss something to set you on a path to meet even newer and better stuff. Here to advise you to travel as much as you can. Because traveling is like knowledge. They just can't take it away from you.

THE DOSE is back because time's ahead of itself. We now live in the future and the future is dense and fast. We're in the age of procrastination extraordinaire, where our commodities are endless and nothing short of wondrous. Cyberpunk is a nineteen-eighties term and SF authors write their bleak (or for that matter, vivid) visions of the future straight from their RSS feeds. Not that SF was ever about the future, anyway. We're using the accumulated knowledge of millions and it basically all boils down to one thing: this is the first era when you can really do anything you want. If you can't do that, you probably don't know what you want or you don't persist enough. Which is, you know, all good if you're comfortable enough with that.

Some thoughts have a certain sound. It took long months of listening and instead of one sound, we hear the steady beat of the universe and this sounds so nineties we probably stole this from a knob fiddler on a life-changing trip. But you're already part of the YouTube generation with an attention span deficit and you probably want something to click on.

So read and enjoy.